Sessions Calendar User Guide


A new calendar for Assessors has been developed to further enhance the user experience when administrating session information in Smart Assessor.

The Sessions calendar can be accessed via the grey navigation bar under the button Sessions Calendar.

The sessions calendar will then display allowing you to review all sessions over a set period of time within an intuitive, easy to use calendar.

You can filter the sessions with your sessions calendar using the following available filters:

In addition to this you are also able to filter by a range of Learning Status’ and Session specific filters:

Filters can also be hidden and show using the Hide Filters button.

The Calendar view can also be changed to review by today, day, week, month.

You can move to the next or previous day, week or month depending on your view, using the arrow Icons.

You can also move to a specified date by clicking the Calendar icon.

Entering any data into the filters available to you will automatically apply once they are selected.

A new legend has been created which allows you to identify the different session attended status displayed within the calendar.

You can also see that both Group sessions and Smart Sessions are displayed within the calendar however each of the session methods have its own unique icon to allow you to identify these different sessions.

By clicking an entry in the calendar, a pop out will display with additional information regarding this session.

You can also access this session via the learners learning plan by clicking the Go to Session. This will display with the relevant session expanded.

Reminder: If the session is a group session you will be navigated to the sessions page where you can review this group session in further detail. 

You can also navigate back to the Sessions Calendar via the grey button “Go back to calendar”.

New sessions can also be booked directly from the Sessions Calendar. Click the Create New Session button to be taken to the Smart Assessor session booking page.