Smart Assessor provides the opportunity for Master Admin roles to reallocate sample plans to different IQA users.


When reallocating sampling plan to another IQA


Master Admin- only Note * Master Admins can access all sample plans, IQA’s can only reallocate their own plans to other IQAs.


1. Click the Admin Menu from grey navigation bar.

2. Click the QA Management tab, select QA Sample Plan Allocation option.

3. Select IQA from the dropdown list and press the Green Filter button

4. Select Sample Plan to be reallocated by clicking ‘Select to transfer’

5. Select the IQA to be allocated to the sample plan by using the drop-down list at the foot of the page. Once selected, press save to confirm.

6. Once saved, the system provides confirmation that the sample plan has been allocated to the new IQA User.