Once you have completed your diagnostics in Smart VLE, you will be able to access your learning profile. 

This is a breakdown of your ability in the subject area, broken down by criteria. 

To find your learning profile, click on the completed assessments tile on your Smart VLE dashboard. 

This will take you to a list of all the assessments that you have completed. 

Find the assessment that you want to view your learning profile for and click on the words “Learning Profile”. 

This will take you to your learning profile. 

The “Result” column shows your results for each criterion in your diagnostic assessment. 

If you have scored 100% for any criterion, there will be no resources allocated and no “Progress” bar to fill up, this is because you have already proved that you are competent in that area. 

If you have scored less than 100% for a criterion, you will have learning resources made available for you specific to that subject area. 

Click on the name of that resource to access it (ensure pop-ups are allowed on your internet browser). 

Click on the pink “Play Resource” button to open the resource. 

The resource will give you information about that specific subject area and has some knowledge check questions within it. Once you answer all the questions correctly, this resource will be marked as complete on your learning profile. The “Progress” for that criteria will be updated to show your progress in learning. 

The overall progress will increase as you complete each learning resource.