Smart Assessor provides the opportunity to set learner activities, this user guide will demonstrate how to access set learner activities.


Access Smart Assessor using login credentials.


Activities set for the learner to achieve can only be completed by the learner.

All roles can review set activities.


1. Log in to Smart Assessor using login credentials, navigate to the grey Overview tab, click on the Actions & Activities tile.

2. Click edit option to view the activity, which will navigate through to the learning plan.

3. Click the chevron icon to open the learning plan to view the planned activities.

4. To upload evidence to the activity, click on the Evidence.

5. Upload a file by clicking browse, select file from its stored location within the computer and select upload.

6. The evidence will show within the evidence list displaying a tick. Click Save option to exit the activity. The evidence is now ready for the Assessor to mark and map which is held within the Evidence Library area of the portfolio.

For more information, please see the below user guide.


The Smart Assessor Team