Smart Assessor provides the opportunity for custom reports to be created. Reports are created based on fields held throughout the system.


Using two screens can benefit the creation of forms, allowing you to view two documents at the same time.


Report options are available to all roles- reporting field options will differ per user role.


1. Click the Reports tab from the grey navigation bar. (Note* that dependent on role, Reports tab will display in different locations on the navigation bar)

2. Click the Custom Reports tab.

3. From this page, there is the ability to locate created Custom Reports and Run/Delete reports.

4. There is also the ability to look for trends from the IQA sampling questions (Note* master admin only option)

5. To create a new report, click on the Custom reports option.

6. A list will display providing the opportunity to select the areas a report is required either to run/edit. (Note* list options will change by roles)

7. When editing a report which the user has created, the user needs to be in the correct area to run the report- example if a report has been built such as a custom learner session report, the user is required to go back into learner session report to edit the report. To choose a report use the drop-down select option and press load.

For more information, please see the below user guide.

8. The report will then load up the reportable fields which were selected on creation. Field option can be unticked/ticked that require editing, there is also the ability to change filters and the order by.

9. To create a NEW report, enter the report name, add a description and select whether the form is to be shared with (Note*other roles are able to run reports)

10. Click the Columns tab, select the fields to be included within the report.

11. Click the Filters tab, tick the pre fileted options you require within the report.

12. Click Order By to order the columns to be displayed on the report.

13. Click save when complete.

Run A report

1. Follow steps 1 to 4 as above

2. Select the Run/Delete reports option


The Smart Assessor Team