Evidence can be viewed via the evidence library of the learner. Accessed through the learner’s dashboard, or via the overview of the learner on the Assessor Dashboard.



You will need to log into smart Assessor as an Assessor and in the learner's Portfolio page 



Any assessor linked to the Learner can ask the Learner to resubmit the work 




1. Go to the learner Portfolio page under the right course and select the Upload work tile 


2. In the evidence, zone click on the file icon next to the name (if there is a red box around the file icon it means that the work has not been looked opened 



3. This will either open or download the work you wish to see, you can also click on the Pencil Icon this will open the Evidence Description zone. You can open the work with this logo 


4. Or you can scroll down to the Smart Annotator link and this will allow you to see the work