Smart Assessor provides the opportunity for Learners to fill in a skill scan based on their understanding of the qualifications. This can be revisited to show distance travelled.



Assessor login credentials or learner Credentials 



The skills scan can be completed by either the learner or the assessor. It can be a large document to complete so can be useful to complete it in units. 





1. Log on to Smart Assessor learner portfolio and select skills scan

2. There is also an Assessor skill scan in this area that you can use to check your knowledge and understanding of the Smart assessor system as with the main log you can select the year, then choose the areas that you wish to check once you have selected the areas to press on the save icon.


3. On the next screen, you can tick your understanding of the topics again make sure that you press save

4. Once saved press on the view results to see the Spiky profile