Smart Assessor Offline application provides the opportunity for Assessors to complete electronic forms whilst working Offline, giving the flexibility to work in areas without internet connection. 





Download the App from Android Play Store, Apple App Store or the laptop version from the Smart Assessor login page. Enter login credentials(Note* #ensure the application is synced before and after use to ensure the portfolio is kept up to date) 





Offline application is available for Assessors and Learners use only(Note* The laptop application has less functionality compared to the mobile applications due to the device capabilities) 





  1. 1. Access the Offline application, navigate to the Assessor dashboard, electronic forms can be located on the home page by clicking the Forms Icon(Note* forms not relevant to in-training learners are located here) 







Forms which have assigned to Learners via the online platform in readiness for completion are located on the forms tab which is located from the navigation bar.  







  1. Additional forms can be added using the plus sign, click the Filter location drop down list, select the location of where the form needs to be added within the portfolio. (Note* the form will be added to the location when synced to the portfolio) Select the form requires completing, the due date, the session the form needs to be attach to and the category of the form e.g. review.  




  1. To select a form, from the “Forms to be Completed” section, click the required form, the form will open ready to be completed. (Note*below displays an example of a review form ready to be completed once completed it will no longer display in this area and will be ready to sync to site)