Smart Assessor offers a wealth of reporting features throughout the system. This user guide focuses on the Management Dashboard Widget Learner by qualification ON/OFF Track.



Located in Assessor Widgets Selection



Master Admin- only 


1. Click Assessor Widget, select Learner by Qualification On/OFF Track option.


2.   The 3 images highlighted below provide the following options:

  1. Refresh data
  2. Access drill down filters
  3. Remove widget from dashboard


3. Only courses at least 25% through its timeline are included within the calculation. 

4 To switch on Client Configuration Rag rating, click Master Admin, select Admin Menu and select Client Configuration option. (Note*New April 2019: unless Client configuration RAG rating is switched on in which case courses starting with 0% progress will be included) 


5. All calculations are based on the timeline = course duration (blue bar)     A close up of a logo

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6. Widget report displays overall qualification progress for all learners and all courses that are not excluded from progress calculations and are in a state of "awaiting induction" or "in training. 

7. The calculations are based on the following logic:

                    Off track: timeline % is 10% or more over % of modules mapped

                    On track: timeline % is within 10% of % of modules mapped

                     Ahead: % of modules mapped is 10% or more over timeline %

8.The Widget Drill down provides the following options listed below.

  1. Select Assessor: Displays all assessors (Note *Except Archived Assessors)
  2. Select Employer: Displays all employers
  3. Select Manager: Displays all curriculum managers 
  4. Select Learning Aim: Displays all courses  
  5. Select Between Two Dates: course start and end dates
    (Note* Example: learner starts 06/06/18 and finishes 06/06/2020 only learners with a start and end date within the date range display) 
  6. Reset filters: removes any filters applied
  7. Trend Chart button: Runs the trend chart modal
  8. Excel Export:
    (Note*If filters are applied and excel export selected, filtered data will be exported. If no filters applied all learners are exported)


9.    Excel Export report displays the following fields:

     Learner First Name

Learner Last Name

Main Aim Assessor

Employer Name

Status: This is RAG rating status Red, Amber or Green will display

Course Green: % signed off

Course Orange % mapped

Course Timeline: % course duration

Course Name

Course Start Date

Course End Date

Overall Orange: same as course above but for all courses 'In Training, Awaiting Induction status'

Overall Green: same as course above but for all courses 'In Training, Awaiting Induction status'

Overall Timeline: same as course above but for all courses 'In Training, Awaiting Induction status'

Last Visit Type: last session type

Last Visit Date

Next Visit Type

Next Visit Date

Number of weeks since last review

10. The Trend Chart displays the following options.

Select Assessor: Filter by assessor

View by: Weekly or Monthly filter

Select between two dates: date filters on the trend charts relate to when the trend data was created