Within Smart Assessor, keeping staff records up to date is crucial to ensure emails are going out to the correct addresses. Using the Maintain Users page, there is the ability to add new and make changes to existing users within Smart Assessor.

Access to user information that needs to be created or maintained. Understanding of Roles and Responsibilities within Smart Assessor to ensure the right role is assigned. (Fact sheet available on the Knowledgebase)

Master admin- only


1. Click the Admin tab from the grey navigation bar.

2. Click Admin, then select Maintain Users option

3. Click Create User option

4. Fill in all * mandatory fields and select the required role/s option, (refer Roles and Responsibilities fact sheet held on the knowledge base )

5. Click update when all mandatory fields have been completed:  

➢ Assessor –  ability to mark as qualified 

➢ Curriculum Manager – link to relevant Assessor to who they line manage  

➢ Custom Manager –link to learners based on learner filters  

➢ Employer Manager –link to allocated learners within a company  

➢ Employer Overview – ability to overview all learners within allocated companies 

➢ IQA – ability to mark as Un-Qualified

6. To edit a user, use the search option to locate the user then click  username.

7. To edit account details, re-enter the account, make the alteration and press update. To archive the user, remove all but the primary role and tick “is archived” then update.