The Learner Homepage is a great tool to help you manage your day-to-day tasks. The learner Homepage displays the following information:

  1. Upcoming sessions and joining a Smart room
  2. Progress and duration on course
  3. Action and Activities to complete
  4. Not a CV and SVLE assessments
  5. Wellbeing resources and Safeguarding contact details
  6. Documents requiring signature



Access to login credentials for Smart Assessor. 



Learner role- Only




  1. Log into your learner Smart Assessor account www.smartassessor.co.uk. Using login credentials.



2. From the Homepage,  select the course evidence needs uploading against. 






3. Provides the opportunity to create a free online CV. (Note* Not.a.CV will be available after completion of your course/apprenticeship)




4. Time Log displays percentage Off the Job hours that have been completed to date and is where On and Off the Job training is recorded.



5. New Docs to Sign populates any evidence and reviews that require a signature. The number in the top right corner indicates how many electronic signatures are needed.




6. This tile displays how many days left until the end date of the course and shows when on or off track.




7. Actions and Activities tile is a direct link to all Action and Activities that are currently ongoing, the number in the top right corner shows how many are currently open.




8.  The Calendar tile populates the next session date and time. This is a live link to that session in the learning plan.




9. The Svle tile is Smart Assessor’s Virtual Learning Environment, where assessments can be accessed. The top corner displays the number of assessments left to complete.




10. The Wellbeing tile is populated by the training provider. Example of Wellbeing resources such as Mental health and Safeguarding.

















If you would like a PDF copy of this user guide please see the below document.


The Smart Apprentices