The Progress map is a great way to view course progression. The progress map looks at each individual criterion and gives a status whether it’s not been started (red), is in progress (amber) or is completed (green). The user guide will demonstrate how to access the progress map within the e-portfolio. 



     Access to login credentials for Smart Assessor.








  1. Select the relevant course tab, then click Progress Map tile. 



 2. Select the filter option using the dropdown arrow to choose the display options.  Also displays criterion that is awaiting sign off, signed off criteria and time progress.



3. Click the + icon to Open all Units, green blocks indicate the criteria is complete, yellow blocks are work in progress (hovering the mouse over them will show you the evidence title), red blocks are criteria to be started.





There is the ability to export to PDF by clicking the export to PDF button.


If you would like a PDF copy of this user guide, please see the file below.


The Smart Apprentices Team