Smart Assessor provides the opportunity for learners to upload their own evidence to their e-portfolio. The user guide will demonstrate how to access the e-portfolio and upload evidence.



Access to login credentials for Smart Assessor.


USER RESTRICTIONS                                                                                         

File size limit 100mb




  1. Log Smart Assessor account www.smartAssessor.co.uk. Using login credentials.



2. Select the relevant course tab, which will navigate to the course page.



3. Click Upload Work tile



4. Within the evidence, the library is where evidence files are uploaded (Note* All file types have a maximum upload limit of 100MB inclusive of zip files)

            There are 2 options to upload evidence, which are:

- Drag and drop the evidence file into the pink box area.

- Browse your Device option.

5. There are the following options available to upload:

- URL link (Cloud storage) 

- Paper hardcopy

- E-forms (Note* option to fill in a new form or map completed one)

- On completion of the upload of the evidence, click upload to confirm

 6. On completion of the upload of the evidence, click upload to confirm.


7. Navigating to the Evidence description page, sign the Declaration box to confirm the evidence is your own work. Complete the description box to inform the assessor what the evidence relates too. Add feedback, which is then emailed to the assessor and press save option. 


The Smart Apprentices Team