Smart Assessor provides the Assessor with the ability to upload evidence to the Learners portfolio on their behalf and provide the necessary feedback.



Have evidence available to upload against the learner’s portfolio.


Learners and Assessors can upload evidence 



1. Navigate to the Assessor Home Page, select the Dashboard tab option on the grey navigation bar.


2. Click the chevron, which displays all courses and portfolios, select the relevant course & portfolio.

3. Select the Upload Work tile.


4. Select the show/add evidence button:







5. Upload the piece of evidence via the browse/upload or use the drag and drop functionality.



6. Complete the process by providing the necessary feedback, points of improvement, assessment methods and signature requirements. (Note* the assessor feedback feeds into the reporting of the Learner Progress report and time taken to feedback held within the Master Admin widget reports). There is the ability to upload additional feedback (Note* Maximum character limit is 4000-character limit) 







7. Lead Assessors can add feedback, by clicking on the + icon.

Assessors can record points for improvement to support development.

(Note* access Evidence Resubmission & Smart Annotator user guides to learn more about these features) The signature you can upload a copy of a signature to the work and/or use the tick boxes and asked other roles to sign and agree with the work option and The evidence can be linked or not linked to   Time log entries, by selecting either the YES/NO options.



8. To capture and request required signatures to validate the evidence, click the signature box and required signature box to notify them that their signature is required. 

(Note*There is an option to upload a copy of a signature and link forms to the evidence if required).