Sessions form a part of the learning plan which can be scheduled for individual learners or groups of learners. Sessions provide the opportunity to plan with your learner by setting activities, actions, evidencing induction and formal review sessions and much more.


When selecting the session type, ensure you know how each session type operates within Smart Assessor, as some sessions contribute to data reports. 

All sessions will display within the learner’s time log.


Note* An induction session should include all courses, if you deselect a course it will show negatively within the data reports.

Formal review- a formal review should include all courses if deselected a course will show negatively within data reports

Out of the Workplace- will automatically default to logging 20%OTJ within the learner’s time log.



1.Navigate to the learners Learning Plan for the course you require. 



2. Click New session


3. Complete the list of questions 


4. Check all details are correct prior to clicking create a new session which can be located top or bottom of the page on the righthand side 

5. Once a session has been created it will display in the learning plan in chronological order, (Note* attended sessions cannot be amended unless unlocked by a Master Admin user)


6. The following information can be amended prior to attending the session by clicking on the calendar icon.

If you would like a pdf copy of this userguide, please see the below file.