Smart Assessor provides Assessors access to a Home Page displaying information that assists in the management of an Assessors caseload and gain access to forms and files.

Also, from the Home Page there is the ability to navigate to the Primary Assessor caseload to access learner’s portfolios.  



Master Admin (only) are required to allocate forms to the Assessor Dashboard from the settings zone.



Master Admin only- create and allocate forms. Assessor dashboard only visible to Assessor role.  




1. From the Assessor home page click Dashboard tab on the grey navigation bar, which will display information to assist the Assessor in managing their caseload.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the Home Page select Assessor Dashboard tile, which will navigate to the Primary Assessor caseload. 



3.  To locate a form or file assigned to the Assessor, scroll to the very bottom of the page, displayed are forms or files that have been allocated by the Master admin user. There is also the ability for the Assessor file.

4.  An Assessor can allocate forms within this area. To select a form, click the drop-down list option from the list displayed. (Note* A Master Admin role is required to allocate the form to the assessor to enable the form to be viable in the dropdown list) The system then requests the assessor to rename the form. 

5. To use the form, click on the form Icon.