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Smart Assessor Release Notes 18/11/2020


Thank you for continuing to use our Smart Assessor system. We have made the following changes to our system, to help improve your usage and make using Smart Assessor easier for you.

Recently Completed:

National Insurance Number update: 

We have completed work to ensure the National Insurance Number fields in Smart Assessor (including NI number sent through the Data Importer and Bridge Tool) only accept:

  • Unique Numbers
  • Numbers in the correct format

Set National Insurance Number format is:

  • First and Second letters cannot contain letters D, F, I, Q, U or V, all other letters are accepted
  • Next 6 can only be numerical
  • Last letter can only be A, B, C or D

If you send in data for new learners with a national insurance number that is not unique or that is in an invalid format, the new records will still be created but the national insurance number will be omitted.

Manual Learner or User creation will display an error message if the national insurance number is not unique or entered in an invalid format.

Episodes & Off the Job in Learner Progress Report:

Clients who have the Episodes feature switched on will now have visibility of Off the Job data in the Learner Progress Report and Excel Export, new fields added are:

  • Off the Job Hours Required
  • Off the Job Hours Required to Date
  • Actual Off the Job Hours Recorded
  • Actual Off the Job % Achieved

The Off the Job data will display exactly as it does in the Timelog data Export (Excel) report and the Off the Job data in the learner progress report will be refreshed once per hour.

Please speak to your Client account manager if you wish to have the Smart Assessor Episodes feature turned on.


If you require help related to these changes or notifications, please raise a ticket under the Support tab.

Alternatively, contact your Account Manager who will be able to assist.