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Smart Assessor Release Notes 21/09/2020


Thank you for continuing to use our Smart Assessor system. We have made the following changes to our system, to help improve your usage and make using Smart Assessor easier for you.

Recently Completed:

EILP Custom Fields Ordering:

You can choose the order in which your EILP custom fields display in the learner EILPs. We have included further work to ensure the custom fields order you apply also reflects in the EILP Template Preview.

Android Update:

Learner profile photo - the Assessor or Learner can add / update their learner profile photo.

Improved speed with the learning plan and fixed bugs with learner session feedback.

Permissions are required to use the app, if permissions are denied you will see a message prompting to allow permissions.

If you are on version 4.1 and above, you can upgrade the app as usual to get these updates. If you are on an earlier version, please sync any work and uninstall the app and reinstall from the App store.

IOS Update to be released Thursday this week:

Defect Fix: IOS App - Form list not loading as a learner when allocating new form

IOS Date picker and Duration pickers broken in IOS14

Learner Feedback update to use set smiley face questions

Smart Room recordings in Smart Assessor:

We are progressing with the development to allow when booking Smart Room sessions to choose the option to auto record the meeting when joining and further work to then store that recording directly in Smart Assessor. Keep checking for further updates.

Timelog update:

We are renaming the “Total Hours to Date” and “Total Percentage to Date” headers in the learner timelog to be “Actual Hours to Date” and “Actual Percentage to Date” and the off the job hours hover text will be updated to read Actual Off the Job Hours.

Further work is planned to update report headings to Actual Hours


If you require help related to these changes or notifications, please raise a ticket under the Support tab.

Alternatively, contact your Account Manager who will be able to assist.

Get in Touch | 0845 460 4440

Smart Assessor is part of the Smart Apprentices suite of technologies. 

If you wish to find out more information about other products we have available, visit www.smartapprentices.comor contact 0845 460 4440.