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Smart Assessor Release Notes 16/09/2020


Thank you for continuing to use our Smart Assessor system. We have made the following changes to our system, to help improve your usage and make using Smart Assessor easier for you.

Recently Completed:

IQA Calendar removal 

We have been continuously monitoring usage of our system to provide you the best experience possible. After our recent refresh of the IQA feature set and reviewing usage statistics, we have found that the IQA Calendar has been made redundant. We have made the decision to retire the IQA Calendar, so we can refocus and concentrate on improving usability for high traffic areas within Smart Assessor, rather than maintaining little used areas of the site.

Android App release (Version 4.1.0b)

Please ensure any work is synchronised then uninstall the Smart Assessor App and Install the new version from the play store. 

Our App Developer has worked hard to complete a refresh of the android app, which includes;

Enhanced User Experience from UI improvements made to each screen, using latest guidelines.

Dark and Light themes

A clear view of outstanding actions

Easily identify unit modules that require attention with RAG colour coded status indicators

Shortcut to your next session from the course progress

Easy access to the unit module Skill Scan

Improved form viewer

Cleaner, swipe page responses.

Please refer to the new Android app user guides below, for further details on the new features for Assessor and Learner.

IOS Version 4.1.3 available:

If you have manual updates switched on go to the app store and update otherwise the app will auto update for you.

Auto expand exact session on learning and assessment plan:

When navigating from…

Your Next Session on Learner Dashboard

Actions and Activities Widget: Select an Action or Activity name

Learner Details (Profile): Max Characters Field Updates

We have increased the max characters to 100 on the Learner and Manager Job title fields

Thank you to CIPFA for requesting this usability enhancement

Timelog Comments update:

Time log activity comments text box header has been updated to “What impact has this activity had on your learning?”

Coming Soon:

EILP Custom Fields Ordering:

You will be able to choose the order in which your EILP custom fields display in the learner EILPs. When this is live you will be able to raise a Freshdesk ticket or contact your account manager and one of our Support agents will switch this new feature on for you.

Assessor Sessions Calendar update:

Show Smart Room Availability in the Sessions Calendar.

Session Activities Modal:

We are completing work on the Learning and Assessment plan, when managing session activities, such as creating new, adding further mappings, uploading files, on saving the changes you will remain on the modal to simplify activity allocation.

Smart Assessor Chat Bot

Smart Apprentices has now officially launched our automated chat bot!

The bot is here to assist in general questions and queries you have with our products. Why not give it a go? You can access our chat bot from or select Support button when logged into Smart Assessor.

User guides:

Android App Learner User Guide

Android App Assessor User Guide 


If you require help related to these changes or notifications, please raise a ticket under the Support tab.

Alternatively, contact your Account Manager who will be able to assist.

Get in Touch

Smart Assessor is part of the Smart Apprentices suite of technologies. If you wish to find out more information about other products we have available, 

visit or contact 0845 46 4440.

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