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Smart VLE Release notes - 18th August 2020

Release Notes

19th August 2020

Our developers have been working very hard and we have some exciting new developments that have been released on SmartVLE. Please familiarise yourself with these updates.

Smart Assessor Username used when creating live SA Learner Accounts in SmartVLE

The current functionality when an SA Learner account is activated by allocating a SmartVLE linked activity or resource is that the email address is used as the username in SmartVLE.

This new development means that when the SA Learner account is activated in SmartVLE, the Smart Assessor username will be used as the SmartVLE username for the active SA Learner account. This will prevent the learner from having to remember to use their Smart Assessor username for Smart Assessor and their email as their username if they choose to log into SmartVLE independently. This does not affect the single sign-on functionality, so the learner will still be logged directly into SmartVLE if they select the SVLE tile on their learner dashboard in Smart Assessor.

Completed Initial Assessment Results showing in the Learner’s Profile in Smart Assessor

Some initial assessment results that had been completed by the participant were not pulling through to the learner’s profile page when merging accounts. Additional functionality has been added to ensure that these results are captured.

Next Steps

In the next sprint of development, we will be enabling you to delete linked SVLE resources in Smart Assessor.

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