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Smart VLE Release Notes - August 2020

Release Notes

4th August 2020

Our developers have been working very hard and we have some exciting new developments that have been released on SmartVLE. Please familiarise yourself with these updates.

Foreign Characters allowed in Employer field

When adding a participant, foreign characters are now allowed in the Employer field, for example, é or ŝ will now be accepted by the system. This field will now accept any character, the only restriction is that it must be between 1 – 500 characters.

Back to Assessment Button

When viewing the answers of an assessment, we have added a “Back to Assessment” button at the bottom of the page to prevent you from having to scroll back to the top of the page to return to your filtered list of assigned assessments.

Username Column Added to Reports

An Assigned to Username Column has been added to 3 reports. These are:

  • Assessment Results Report
  • Incomplete Assessments Report
  • Assigned Resource Report

The previous “Assigned To” column has been renamed “Assigned To Full Name” on each of these reports and on the preview parameters for these reports.

You can also filter in preview parameters by Assigned to Username for the above reports.

Outcome Column Added to Assessment Results Report

An outcome column has been added to the Assessment Results report. This will display the outcome for Pass/Fail type assessments as Pass/ Merit/ Distinction or Fail depending on the set up of your assessment.

Matrix Report

We have developed a new report that allows you to report on Matrix type questions.

This report can be accessed from the reports page.

When you run the report, you will see a message stating “Please select an Assessment from the Preview Parameters and click submit.”

Open Preview Parameters and select an assessment from the assessments that appear in the Assessment Title drop-down list. As Matrix Questions can only be added to an unmarked assessment, only unmarked assessments appear in this list. Once you have selected the assessment title, click submit and the matrix report will build for this assessment.

The columns that display in a matrix report are:

  • Assigned To; defaults to hidden
  • Assigned By
  • Assessment Date Sent
  • Assessment Sate Complete
  • Viewed
  • User Group
  • Matrix Row Question(s) Response
  • Matrix Row Question(s) Comment; defaults to show

The Preview Parameters available to filter by on the Matrix Report are:

  • Assessment Title
  • Assigned Date From
  • Assigned Date To
  • Completed Date From
  • Completed Date To
  • Assigned To
  • Assigned By
  • Is Viewed
  • User Group
  • Show Comments; defaults to yes
  • Anonymise Results: defaults to yes

If all the Matrix Row Responses and Comments cannot be displayed on one page, you can view the next page of responses and comments by selecting the “Next Page” icon at the top of the report, or by using the page number dropdown.

As there are no restrictions to the number of characters allowed in the comment field, a long comment can take up the full page on the report view. In order to see these types of comment, we recommend that you export the report to an excel spread sheet so that you can edit the column width.

If you have created an Unmarked Assessment with various question types including Matrix Question types, only the responses and comments from the Matrix Questions will appear on the Matrix Report for that assessment.

Next Steps

In the next sprint of development, we will be carrying out some work in the background to maximise the performance of SmartVLE.