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Smart Assessor/VLE Release Notes -

Smart Assessor and SmartVLE Mobile and Email

Upcoming Development Work

July 2020

Our developers are currently working on developments that will ensure mobile numbers in Smart Assessor are valid and unique and that email addresses in SmartVLE are unique. SmartVLE is also introducing a new mobile number field.

This development work will help to ensure that there is no duplication of data within Smart Assessor and SmartVLE.

The development will also allow further integration between Smart Assessor and SmartVLE, any mobile updated for a linked participant in Smart Assessor will auto update into the VLE participant mobile field.

To prevent errors occurring within your site when this development goes live, please make yourself aware of these changes for new or updates to accounts.

Mobile Numbers

Mobile numbers will be optional in both products, however, if you do add a mobile number to an account, please ensure it is unique and valid. Please refer to mobile validation requirements below

Mobile validation:

• The system will accept a mobile number that is either 11 or 13 characters in length.

• Numbers must start with a + or zero

• No other characters are allowed.

Examples of valid mobile numbers:

+447123456789 = 13 valid

07123456789 = 11 valid

Smart Assessor Data Imports:

Any new or updated records sent in via the data importer or bridge tool need to meet the validation criteria. If they do not the import for that record will fail.

Manual changes:

Any new users or learners created manually or updates to mobile field will error if the mobile is not

unique to your client site or is entered in an invalid format.

Smart Assessor Pages where mobile field needs to be valid and unique

Master Admin – Maintain users Create/Edit User

Create New Learner page

Learner Profile Tab

All user role types Profile page

Email Addresses

As part of this development, email addresses used in SmartVLE must be unique to your site, please ensure that the email addresses you use are unique to prevent errors when this development goes live.

Emails can be entered using the import spreadsheet or on the add/edit user page.

Add/Edit User page