Smart VLE Release notes - 26th March 2020

Our developers have been working very hard and we have some exciting new developments that have been released on SmartVLE. Please familiarise yourself with these updates.

Pull through Completed Assessments

You will now be able to pull assessments that have been completed by the participant to show in the evidence library in Smart Assessor when the records are merged.

In order to do this, you will have to ensure that the box labelled “Add results completed prior to SA/VLE link to the evidence library” is ticked in the SA Settings for your site. (this defaults to ticked).

In addition, you must ensure that the settings for the assessment results that you want to display in the evidence library has the box checked for “Display result in Smart Assessor Evidence library” and you have selected the course(s) that you want the assessment results to be linked to.

On a successful merge of the SA Learner and participant records, the results from the assessment will appear in the evidence library for that learner in Smart Assessor.

Please note, it is imperative that you update the NI number in the participants record prior to merging the records so that the SA Learner account merges into the participant account correctly.


When you are logged into Smart Assessor and are viewing the learner dashboard as an assessor, if you click the SVLE tile, you will be taken to the assigned assessments filtered for that learner in Smart VLE.

Amber Flag Status

When an assessment has been added to a session in Smart Assessor as an activity, the status of that activity will change from red to amber when the learner starts the assessment.

When the learner completed the assessment, the results from the assessment will display in the evidence library and the status on the session will remain amber until the assessor has reviewed the evidence and accepted it by clicking “Save and not require Learner to Resubmit” on the edit evidence details page.

Once the evidence has been accepted by the assessor, any mappings will be applied and the status on the session will change to green to show that the activity has been completed.

Prompt on sending Duplicate Initial Assessments

If an author attempts to send a learner an initial assessment from a course course to the same participant, they will receive a prompt message to ensure that they want to send more than one initial assessment in the same course to the same learner.

If the author wishes to continue and send the assessment to the participant, they can do so by clicking “Yes”, if they want to cancel the operation by selecting “No”.

SmartVLE Champions

In the past few months we have been reaching out to our clients to nominate a SmartVLE Champion for their site.

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