Smart Assessor Release Notes March 18th 2020

Release Notes 17th March 2020

Development Update

Our developers have worked very hard on and we are pleased to announce that EILP is in the final stages of testing and we will have this ready for live release along with new user guides very soon.

EILP Features Summary:

EILP Builder/Template Builder (Master Admin Role)

Create and Manage EILP Templates:

Customizable Areas to display

Select fields to display within areas

Create/Manage Questions within custom fields

Manage who can sign the EILP

Choose to include Sign off Comments

Set a recurrence to automated recordings of the Learner EILPs

Preview Template

Learner Dashboard (Sneak peak screen)

EILP Button on Navigation Bar

EILPs to Sign button on Overview tab

Days until course completion now displays under login date

Evidence Record Sheet 

Set planned unit start date

Choose Units 

Now displays planned unit start date and expected end date

Assessor Homepage 

New EILPs to Sign widget

Select Widget to display only learners with EILPs that need signing

Assessor Dashboard

New EILP icon

Employer Manager/Overview Dashboards

New EILP icon

New EILP Snapshots Page 

List of EILPs recorded via Automated Snapshot

Option to run a new/adhoc EILP Snapshot manually (doesn’t affect any recurrence schedule)

New EILP Screen 

Includes EILP Comparison Feature

EILP Report

Displays Filters

(Role dependant e.g. No Assessor filter for Assessors viewing the report etc)

Learners with No EILP

EILPs with missing signatures

Searchable data grid

Available for:

Master Admin role

Basic Admin

Curriculum Manager

Executive Manager

Employer Manager

Employer Overview

Further Updates Coming Soon.

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