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Smart Assessor Release Notes 3rd March 2020

Development Update

A few small changes have been included whilst we continue to work hard to complete the EILP Development.

Learner Profile – Funding body drop down list:

Additional fields have been included: ESFA, non-levy, levy, advanced learning loan and community learning.

Create new Learner also contains the additional fields.

The Management Dashboard detailed search also allows these additional Funding Body fields to be filtered on.

Learner Timelog: Add New Timelog Activity modal, required field:

Section 6. Was it on the job: Will now display “Please Select..” and this is now a required field to ensure a selection of either “Not Applicable”, “On the Job” or “Off the Job” is made and it will no longer default to “Not Applicable”.

Special thanks to Dudley College for this development suggestion.

Further updates coming soon.

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