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Smart Assessor Release Notes - 05/02/2020

Release Notes 5th February 2020

Development Update

Last update the New Progress Report for Employers was in development, we are pleased to announce is now Live 

The Employee Learner Progress Report has been developed for Employer Manager and Employer Overview Roles.

Features will allow Employers to:

Filter on a specific Assessor’s learners

Filter on a course

Filter by Episode (If episodes development is on in your site)

The data grid is also searchable

Export to Excel feature will export just on filtered data or can export all data

The Report will display Episode/Course progress, off the job data and gateway progression data.

Once development is completed it will be passed to our testing team and we are expecting this to be live very soon. Further updates will follow.

Delete Evidence notification:

Due to heightened evidence deletions and restoration requests being raised through our Support Desk, we have undertaken the following development to align evidence deletion with the course deletion functionality, to assist in the reduction of deletion errors being made.

When Evidence can be deleted from the evidence library (see example below)

When delete evidence is selected the new evidence confirmation message will appear and you will need to type in DELETE to confirm the evidence is to be completely removed from the learner portfolio.

Don’t forget last release notes announcement “We are pleased to announce the Gateways Development is now ready to be switched on in your site.”

Please contact your Account Manager to request this or raise a Support ticket.

Alongside the Gateway development, you will also get access to the refreshed Learner Course Management page.

Please refer to the Learner Course Management user guide for further details.

Gateway Development Features: 

Gateway in Course Builder 

Build a bespoke Gateway checklist

Customise checklist questions

Link Gateway to Standard(s)

Gateway on Learner Dashboard

Add Files and Resources

Manage Gateway Ready Sessions for the Standard

Gateway Checklist

View checklist progress

Learner, Employer, Assessor sign off

Signature Date/time stamp

View Checklist completed date

Export to pdf

Master Admin permission to remove gateway sign off

Gateway Checklist Features

View: Question, Answer, Achieved status, Date achieved and access actions setting

Link Assessor signed Evidence to questions (if evidence is set as required when building the questions)

Upload evidence directly against a checklist question

Set questions to achieved (Assessor, CM, Master Admin roles only)

Remove achievement from checklist questions (Assessor, CM, Master Admin roles only)

Gateway Report

The report is available for 

Master Admin

Curriculum Manager


Employer Manager

Employer Overview

Gateway Report – Master Admin view 

Please refer to the Gateway user guides on the support portal for further details.

Further development updates including EILP coming soon.

Master Quals Database:

We are now encouraging clients to manage their sites more effectively, and reduce the need to raise tickets retrospectively, when they realise that learners are working on the wrong issue of the course. For us to do this, could you please help us, by letting us know when qualification specifications have been updated. This will allow us, going forward, to update the qualifications in the Master Qualifications Database, and issue the versions and qualifications that have been updated, as a press release, so that all clients can manage their own sites more effectively, and expire the older qualifications which havebeen updated, so that existing learners can continue on their qualification.Once this has been expired, the new version, that is available in our Master Qualifications Database.

We have also started producing EPA documentation for standards that have been completed.This includes the EPA Assessment Methods, so that each client is then able to tailor these to ‘fit’ their own delivery model.Using our Coursebuilder platform, clients will be able to add further topics and modules to the existing EPA structure that we have already designed, which is in our Master Qualifications Database.