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Smart VLE Release Notes 16/01/2020

Release Notes

16th January 2020

Our developers have been working very hard and we have some exciting new developments that have been released on SmartVLE. Please familiarise yourself with these updates.

New “Keywords” Question Type

We have introduced an exiting new question type that allows you to ask the participant to select keywords.

When adding a question against a criterion, click the Keywords icon to select this question type.

Insert your instructions and the text that contains the keyword(s). Enclose words that you want the participant to identify as a keyword in square brackets.

  • There are some rules to follow for the enclosed words:
  • Consecutive paired enclosed word is not allowed e.g. [book][worm]
  • Enclosed word cannot contain spaces.
  • Enclosed words can't be formatted. e.g. [colour]
  • Do not add special characters inside enclosed words

Once you are happy with the question content, select one of the save options.

When answering the keyword question type, the participant must click on the word(s) that they want to mark. These will then show up as highlighted words, they will also be shown how many keywords they have identified.

To deselect the highlighted word, the participant can either click on the word again or select the “Reset Question” button which will reset all marked words.

When reviewing the answers as an author, if the participant has answered correctly, the word will be shown in green.

If the participant has answered incorrectly, the incorrectly marked word will show as red and the word that should have been selected will be shown with a red N/A in brackets alongside the word that should have been marked in green.

SmartVLE Champions

In the past few months we have been reaching out to our clients to nominate a SmartVLE Champion for their site.

If you haven’t registered your interest in becoming a SmartVLE Champion yet, please contact your Client Account Manager or email

Other advantages of becoming a SmartVLE Champion are that we will share developments with you, and you will have the opportunity to take part in focus groups to help inform future developments. There is no charge to be part of the programme.

We are excited to share with you the topics for the first round of SmartVLE Champion webinars, you can now register for these events via Eventbrite :

January – User Management and Settings

February – Out of the Box Content

March – Reports

April – Courses and Questions

May – Resources

June – Assessment Building