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Smart Assessor Release Notes - 10/12/2019

Release Notes 10th December 2019 

Small IQA Update: 

We have included IQA Name on the QA Sample Plan export: If there are multiple IQA’s assigned to the plan, you will now have visibility of which IQA set/carried out the samples. 

Unlinking Evidence from a signed off unit: 

We have completed work around defects that were raised around the ability to link/unlink evidence or grouped folder evidence from a signed off unit. We have applied the change, so once the unit is signed off by the assessor and an attempt is made to remove the evidence from the unit in the evidence library, a message will display, informing you that the unit needs to be unsigned before the evidence can be linked or unlinked. 

Further work will be completed to ensure the same functionality works in the evidence record sheet. 

Further updates coming soon.