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Smart Assessor Release Notes - 28/11/2019

Release Notes 

26th November 2019

Offline Laptop App forms Signature Validation 

Occasionally when a form is signed in the learner portfolio, using the offline laptop app in an offline state, the username and password can be input incorrectly. 

When the Assessor synchronises the app, we will check for any failed account data and display a notification to assessors to enable them to auto resend the form via an email link to request signature capture again. 

Further work is underway to display to the learner on their docs to sign widget, any additional forms that require signing. This detail will also display in the page when the docs to sign widget is selected. 

For other user roles where forms have failed signature validation and the form has been resent to be signed via the offline laptop app, we will display this information in the awaiting signatures report and provide an option for the form to be resent to capture signatures from there. 

If the form has the request signature feature enabled, we will also display who has signed and is yet to sign in that area. 

Assessor name on their CPD Export 

We have completed a small development request to make the Assessor name visible on their CPD export. 

Skills scan – Level column 

We have completed a small development request in the Skills scan page (Step 1 - choose units section). To aid greater visibility of the level we have moved this from being part of a key to a new column as highlighted on the screen shot below. 

Employer Sites and Contacts Development 

Further progress has been made on the Employer Sites and Contacts Development, we have made the changes to the look and feel of the employer page with new tabs included and our developer is continuing to work on the data importer section of this development. 

Smart Assessor Champion 

Monthly Webinar Programme 

Meeting Agenda 

• Subject Specific Training/ Best Practice 

• Smart Assessor updates 

• Q and A/ sharing of best practice 

 Further updates coming soon.