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Smart VLE - Release Notes 10/12/2019

Release Notes

10th December 2019

Our developers have been working very hard and we have some exciting new developments that are due to be released on SmartVLE. Please familiarise yourself with these updates.

As this is the final update before the holidays, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Allow “select all” to be added when creating user groups and when sending assessments/ resources.

There are now options available to select or deselect all users within a user group. These options are available to you whether you are creating a new user group or editing an existing one.

If you then choose to send an assessment or a resource to this user group, you will see a prompt to ensure that you want to send the assessment to that many users.

When sending an assessment or a resource, you will now also have the ability to select all and will receive a prompt to warn you of how many users you will be sending the assessment or resource to.

The message that you receive at the bottom of the pop-up will confirm how many individual users and how many user groups you are sending the assessment/ resource to.

User Import Template

The headers for 2 of the columns on the User Import Template have been changes for

consistency with the names of the fields on SmartVLE.

The columns that have been changed are:

Column F: Job -> Job Title

Column G: Place of Work -> Place of Work/Employer

Next Steps

In the next release our developers will be introducing a new question type.

SmartVLE Champions

In the past few months we have been reaching out to our clients to nominate a SmartVLE Champion

for their site.

If you haven’t registered your interest in becoming a SmartVLE Champion yet, please contact your

Client Account Manager or email

Other advantages of becoming a SmartVLE Champion are that we will share developments with you,

and you will have the opportunity to take part in focus groups to help inform future developments.

There is no charge to be part of the programme.

We are excited to share with you the topics for the first round of SmartVLE Champion webinars:

January – User Management and Settings

February – Out of the Box Content

March – Reports

April – Courses and Questions

May – Resources

June – Assessment Building