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SVLE - Release Notes 12th November 2019

Our developers have been working very hard and we have some exciting new developments that are due to be released on Smart VLE. Please familiarise yourself with these updates. 

Include User Group Details when Importing Users 

If you have existing SmartVLE User Groups on your site, you can now add details of the User Group that you want the user to be part of when you are importing users using the “import users” button. 

When you download the template, an additional column has been added to the spreadsheet called “User Group Names”. 

If you want to add your users to a User Group that has been created in SmartVLE, include the name of the User Group(s) in this column for each user that you want to add to that User Group. 

You can add the user to more than one User Group if needed, additional User Groups must be separated by a command a space, for example “November Starts, Childcare” rather than “November Starts,Childcare”.

Please note that you cannot add users to Smart Assessor groups, only groups that have been created in SmartVLE. 

As User Groups are separated in the spreadsheet using commas, the use of a comma in the name of a User Group has been restricted.

 Import Multiple Courses 

When importing courses, you can import multiple courses at once. You must belong to an author group that allows course import to access this feature. 

In the Courses tab, select “Import Course” and the “Course Import” wizard will open. 

Select your course source with appropriate filters and click the “Apply Filter” button. Browse through the list of courses shown and click the add box for any courses that you want to import into SmartVLE.

 If you select more than one course in the “Course Import” wizard, when you click import selected you will get the following message: 

“As you have chosen to import multiple courses we will process these in the background. Once the courses have imported an email will be sent to {email address}” 

Click “Yes” to confirm your selection.

 The courses that you have selected will process in the background and you will be able to use SmartVLE as normal whilst they are being process. 

When the process has completed, you will receive an email to confirm the import titled “VLE Bulk Course Import”. This will inform you whether the course has successfully imported into your site or if the import has failed. If the import has failed, 

please contact support at with details so that they can investigate this for you. Next Steps In the next release our developers will be improving the usability of the bar chart question type for participants.

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