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SmartVLE Release Notes - 17th September 2019

Our developers have been working very hard and we have some exciting new developments that are now live on Smart VLE. Please familiarise yourself with these updates.

Pass/ Merit/ Distinction Grades

When setting up any assessment that is currently graded as a pass/ fail type assessment (Behaviour Check/ Full/ Knowledge Check/ Skill Check/ Spot Test), you will now have the option to assign pass, merit and distinction grades rather than just pass or fail. 

When creating or editing an assessment of this type, under result type, you can choose “Pass/Fail” or “Pass/Merit/Distinction/Fail” 

If you choose Pass/Merit/Distinction/Fail, you will be presented with a table where you can choose which grades will be made available for that assessment (fail is a default grade that must always be available) and set the upper boundary (%) for each grade that you choose to include. The upper boundary for the highest grade that is available for use will default to 100. 

In this example, if the participant were to score 49.5%, they would be awarded a Pass grade, if they were to score 50.5%, they would be awarded a Merit. 

When completing an assessment, the participant will be shown their score and the grade that they have achieved. 

The participant’s score will be displayed in the results column on the assigned assessments screen and the assessment results report. 

Adding learning materials to a Learning Profile 

When creating an assessment that is a diagnostic or learning profile type, you can now add learning materials that will automatically appear on the learning profile. This allows you to assign learning materials for areas that are difficult to assess using self-marking type questions, like free writing or speaking and listening resources. 

When creating this type of assessment, you will still be able to add assessment resources, which are made available to a learner prior to completing the assessment. 

An additional option appears below assessment resources, called learning materials.

New or existing learning materials can be added to the learning profile in the usual manner. 

When a learner completes a diagnostic or learning profile type assessment that has had additional learning materials attached to it, these learning materials will appear at the end of the learning profile under a section called “Other”. The result for this will show as n/a and the progress bar for completed learning materials will be updated in the usual manner. 

User Group Management 

When adding or removing learners from a user group that has been created in SmartVLE, filters have been added to allow you to filter the users to your requirements. 

Question Bank Filters 

Additional filters have been added to the question bank to allow you to search for questions by course and unit. 

Next Steps

In the next release our developers will be working on improving the performance (speed) of many areas of the site.

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