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Smart Assessor release notes - 17th September 2019

Smart Rooms Update: 

We are currently working on implementing a refresh of our smart room tool, we plan to swap out the current technology OmniJoin and replace it with the more current technology Zoom. The refresh will take place during the weekend of Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September.

As with OmniJoin we have seamlessly integrated Zoom within our Smart Room feature, so you won’t need to do anything. The existing functionality to book or launch Smart Sessions within Smart Assessor will not change and all existing Smart Sessions will still be booked. 

However, the look and feel of the Smart Session when launched will be different. Your account manager will be in touch shortly to let you experience the Zoom technology which we feel has a much better user experience than OmniJoin. Many of our clients have already experienced Zoom web conferencing within their organisations. 

Zoom provides us with lots of opportunities to expand our Smart Room offering. Some of the enhancements included in this release are:- 

• When booking a smart room, you will no longer need to select a smart room number, this will be an automated backend process. 

• This new smart room will allow you to book larger smart sessions with a maximum participant level of 40, made up as 1 place for the host and 39 for participants. 

Watch this space for further exciting enhancements, including; the ability to automatically send your Smart Room recording into Smart Assessor instead of having to save it and then upload it as a separate file. 

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