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Smart Assessor - Release Notes 3rd September 2019

 Release Notes 3rd September 2019 

We would like to thank you for your patience whilst we completed development within the mapping area of the system. 

We can now confirm work in this area is complete. 

 Message issued 16/08/2019 

 Following on from this week’s client update regards mapping additional evidence to criteria with a final assessment decision made against it, we have acknowledged how impactful this alignment has been on some of our users and on increasing user’s workload.

 Due to compliance requirements Smart Assessor had no option other than to align the mapping processes within the Evidence Record Sheet (unit sign off) and Evidence Mapping Page (accessed by selecting the tick against evidence in the library). 

Given the impact of additional work this change has created for some of our users, who are now having to manually unassign and reassign evidence mappings which have been signed off, ‘green ticked’ as meeting the criteria, if they wish to include additional evidence, our intentions are to provide an automated process once orange mapping has been completed against additional evidence for signed off criteria. 

The system will auto unlock the criteria and when orange ticks are in place, will auto-map the green ticks and relock the criteria. 

We have listened to our users and development on automating the mapping of additional evidence to signed off criteria is already in progress. Due to the complexities and algorithms that we need to consider we are unable to offer a precise timescale for deployment, but please be assured our development team are working around the clock to complete this work as safely and speedily as they can and envisage the solution to be completed within the next 3 weeks. 

iOS release 4.0.19 now available 

 Before installing the new update, please Open Smart Assessor app and run the Sync to ensure all data is sent to the server before the update. 

 Reformed Functional Skills – Using Course Builder: 

The first registration date for Reformed Functional Skills was 1st September 2019. After 31st August 2019, you will no longer be able to register your learners to the legacy Functional Skills and will have to register them to the new qualifications.

 Our qualifications team will populate the new qualifications into the Master Database in Smart Assessor. It is your responsibility to import the appropriate qualifications to your Smart Assessor site. 

To import the qualification, you must be logged into Smart Assessor as Master Admin. Go into Course Builder, by clicking the following steps > Admin> Qualifications> Course Builder.


The new functional skills are located in Master Quals, select Framework and select New Course Based on Existing Course.

 Select Master Qual and course type Functional Skills, the drop-down list will display all functional skills that are within our Master Quals database. Please note that all reformed functional skills are marked as 2019.

Locate your required functional skills course, select it and select Review and Create allowing the template to be uploaded, scroll down and click save course. 

The Functional skills course will be automatically visible in your site to enrol learners onto it.

 Please note that the LARA codes for the Reformed Functional Skills qualifications are all 600 codes. 

Smart Assessor will happily support the import of new or amended qualifications and Standards, please note we are not updated by the awarding organisation or the Institute of Apprenticeship when a new version is released. It is your responsibility to advise Smart Assessor of any changes.

 If you require further support or guidance, then contact your Account Manager or raise a support ticket. 

Create New Password Development: 

The new functionality allows for Master Admins to create a new password for all Smart Assessor users within your Smart Assessor site. 

This development is now live. 

This can be done in the Maintain Users area or on the Learner Profile page:

 There are now two options

 1) Email Password reset

 2) Create New password

 Option 1 Email Password reset:

 When selected will email the user with a link that (as long as the link is selected within 72 hours) will take them to a login page and allow them to change their password.

 Option 2 Create New Password:

 When selected a pop-up modal will open allowing you to create a new password for the user: 

New Passwords need to be set as per the screen shot below:

 • At least 8 characters

 • Have at least one digit (0-9)

 • Have at least one uppercase letter (A-Z) When the password is changed on behalf of the user, 

they will be emailed informing them their password has been changed. The email will not contain the password. 

Maintain Users Area: 

 Learner Profile:

 User Profile Page 

 We have also updated the Edit Password in your profile page, when selecting Edit Password button you will see a new pop up modal. Complete the details to change your Smart Assessor password. 

New Passwords need to have: 

• At least 8 characters 

• Have at least one digit (0-9) 

• Have at least one uppercase letter (A-Z) 

Developments in Progress: 

Employer Sites & Contacts 

We are continuing work on Development of additional Structure within Smart Assessor to include Employer Sites and Contacts. 

  The new structure will provide for multiple sites within a single employer, each employer will have a main site identified such as HQ or main site, each site will also have a main contact, but can also have additional contacts, these can be any type of contact managed within your own user defined list of contacts for the site. 

We are also updating the data importer and bridge tool to allow you to import Employer Sites. 

We are also including new client configuration settings:

• Allowing assessors to manage Employers & Sites 

• Allowing assessors to manage Employer site contacts including; 

o Creating Employer Manager Accounts 


We are developing an exciting new dynamic interactive electronic individual learning plan within Smart Assessor.

 The EILP feature will offer the opportunity to schedule snapshots of live data from the learner’s portfolio, providing evidence of learning and development activities undertaking against the programme of delivery agreed with apprentice, training provider and employer. 

Reporting and signatures requirements will also be included to support compliance and quality audits. 

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