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Client release notes - 14/08/19

Evidence Mapping Reminder: 

Adding further mappings to already signed off criteria: 

When assessor decision is taken that there is enough evidence mapped against criteria and they sign off that criteria as completed, which displays evidence mappings as a green gap icon and a tick displays in the sign off column in the evidence mapping page and the evidence record sheet. 

There may be cases where assessors then later wish to add further mappings to signed off criteria. 

To do this you will need to first un-sign the criteria, then add the further mappings and save, this ensures mapping amber progress is recorded.

 Note: If the unit has been signed off, you will need to un-sign the unit, then un-sign the mapping to map further criteria if required. 

Then again when you are happy that the criteria can be signed off again, place a tick in the sign off column and save the changes. This will ensure signed off green progress is recorded. 

Further up-date 


 Following on from this week’s client update regards mapping additional evidence to criteria with a final assessment decision made against it, we have acknowledged how impactful this alignment has been on some of our users and also on increasing user’s workload.

  Due to compliance requirements Smart Assessor had no option other than to align the mapping processes within the Evidence Library and Evidence Record Sheet. 

Given the impact of additional work this change has created for some of our users, who are now having to manually unassign and reassign evidence mappings which have been ‘green ticked’ as meeting the criteria if they wish to include additional evidence ,our intentions are to provide an automated process once orange mapping has been completed against additional evidence for signed off criteria. 

When attempting to add additional evidence to signed off criteria, (green ticked) a popup message will appear notifying you that the criteria you wish to add additional evidence to has been signed off and will ask if you wish to add further evidence to the signed off criteria. 

The system will auto unlock the criteria and when orange ticks are in place the system will auto-map the green ticks and relock the criteria. 

We have listened to our users and development on automating the mapping of additional evidence to signed off criteria is already in progress. Due to the complexities and algorithms that we need to consider we are unable to offer a precise timescale for deployment, but please be assured our development team are working around the clock to complete this work as safely and speedily as they can and envisage the solution to be completed within the next 3 weeks.

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