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Smart Assessor Release Notes 23rd July 2019

IQA save notification 

 We are in the final stages of testing for additional work on the IQA report, this is:

  • To allow auto saving the open IQA Sample if Save or Save and Return is selected on the IQA report and not the save on the sample itself. 

• A new notification; if you are in an open unsaved sample example FS1 – (04/06/2019) above and try and navigate to another sample or another unit, you will see the message below; 

o Selecting Cancel will keep you on your sample, so you can save it

o Selecting OK will move you to your new selected sample/unit etc but any changes on the open sample will be lost 

Summative portfolio 

 Include Forms in Download Files is in the final stage of testing and will be released later this week.

  Forms page

  Master Admin, Basic Admin, Curriculum Manager and Custom Manager roles can view the forms page accessed via their navigation bar.


We have updated the filter to allow you to filter for forms just allocated by Staff only or forms allocated by all (which includes Learners). 

We have updated the grid to include the ‘allocated by’ column to give you greater visibility of who allocated the form. 

Developments in Progress: 

Employer Sites & Contacts 

 We have started work on Development of additional Structure within Smart Assessor to include Employer Sites and Contacts


The new structure will provide for multiple sites within a single employer, each employer will have a main site identified such as HQ or main site, each site will also have a main contact, but can also have additional contacts, these can be any type of contact managed within your own user defined list of contacts for the site. 

We are also including new client configuration settings: 

• Allowing assessors to manage Employers & Sites

• Allowing assessors to manage Employer site contacts including; 

o Creating Employer Manager/Overview Accounts 


 • We are developing an exciting new dynamic interactive electronic individual learning plan within Smart Assessor, more details coming soon.

  Gateway Development

 We are working hard, testing the Gateway development, client webinars are underway, our Customer Services Team will be in touch to get you booked on. 

 Summary of Features: 

 Gateway in Course Builder 

• Build a bespoke Gateway checklist

• Customise checklist questions 

• Link Gateway to Standard(s) 

 Gateway on Learner Dashboard 

 • Add Files and Resources

 • View Summative portfolio

 • Access VLE Gateway assessments

 • Manage Gateway Sessions

 • Gateway Checklist 

Gateway Checklist Features: 

• Set questions to achieved

 • Link Evidence to questions (if required)

 • View progress

 • Learner, Employer, Assessor Sign off

 • View other signatories with date/time stamp

 • View completed date

 • Export to pdf


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