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Smart Asssessor Release Notes 9th July 2019

Gateway Development 

We are working hard, testing the Gateway development, client webinars are going to be launched very soon and our Customer Service Team will be in touch to get you booked on. 

Summary of Features: 

Gateway in Course Builder

 • Build a bespoke Gateway checklist

 • Customise checklist questions

 • Link Gateway to Standard(s)

Gateway on Learner Dashboard 

 • Add Files and Resources

 • View Summative portfolio

 • Access VLE Gateway assessments

 • Manage Gateway Sessions

 • Gateway Checklist

Gateway Checklist Features:

• Set questions to achieved 

• Link Evidence to questions (if required)                                                                   

• View progress

• Learner, Employer, Assessor Sign off

• View other signatories with date/time stamp 

• View completed date

• Export to pdf

Live Development: Delete Learner Course Confirmation

 We have had an increase in support tickets raised requesting data recovery when courses learners are enrolled on to have been deleted in error. 

Section 4.4 of the Service Level agreement states: Deleted data will be investigated at the request of the client through the online ticketing system. If we can restore this data, you will be charged £60 per hour if this proves to be the fault of the user. 

To further ensure data is not deleted in error, we have completed this development: 

• When Master Admin, Basic Admin, Curriculum Manager or Custom Manager roles select to delete a course you will see a new confirmation message.

• To ensure you want to delete the data for that course, you will be required to type DELETE as the confirmation text and then to select Confirm to complete the delete process. 

Developments in Progress:

 Summative Portfolio

 • To include forms in the summative portfolio including reports and download files Export


• The next phase of this large-scale development includes work to display episodes of learning on the learner dashboard 


 • We are developing an exciting new dynamic interactive electronic individual learning plan within Smart Assessor, more details coming soon