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Smart VLE release notes - 8th July 2019

Our developers have been working very hard and we have some exciting new developments that are now live on Smart VLE. Please familiarise yourself with these updates.

Additional Prompt for Participants

Previously, participants would receive a prompt if they clicked on the next button without answering a question fully.

This has now been extended to include a prompt if they click the end button without answering a question fully.

The participant will be shown a list of any questions that they have not completed, even if they are not flagged.

To return to the assessment, they must select “cancel”; to end the assessment, they must select “continue”.

Information removed from resource window

When previewing a document, the additional information has been removed to clean up the view of the document.

Next Steps

Our developers are working on some additional question types to support Reformed Functional Skills and an additional report to allow you to see assessments that have not been started or that are incomplete.

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