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Smart Assessor Release Notes - 11th June 2019

Smart Assessor Release Notes 

11th June 2019

 Our developers are working very hard and we have some developments released to live and further exciting developments that we will release very soon. Please familiarise yourself with the developments below. 

Live Developments: 

Android App Update:

 To ensure all uploads from the android app are compatible, we have increased the file upload size to 80mb.

 When recording a video through the Smart Assessor app we have introduced an indicator to display how much time is left on the upload to prevent any recording going above 80mb. 

Iphone 80mb increase will be in testing phase this week.


We have updated the IQA Plan Management Page and Learner IQA Pages to display Primary Assessor, the pages can be accessed via the QA Sample Plan or for Master Admins via Admin Menu and QA Management Tab. 

Larger Developments in Progress

 Summative Portfolio 

• Ability to rename files in the summative portfolio before downloading reports/exporting files 

• To include evidence description in the summative portfolio reports 

• To include forms in the summative portfolio including reports and download files Export


• Learners will be able to send Summative Portfolio files to their NotACV account


• The next phase of this large-scale development includes work to display episodes of learning on the learner dashboard.

 Gateway Readiness 

• We are continuing work to enable you to create Gateway Readiness (including checklist) feature in course builder which will display on the Learner Dashboard. 

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