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Smart Assessor Release Notes - 29/05/2019

Our developers are working very hard and we have some exciting upcoming developments that are being released very soon. 

Upcoming Developments 


• Ability to view Primary Assessor in Plan Management Page and Learner IQA Pages 

Summative Portfolio 

• Ability to rename files in the summative portfolio before downloading reports/exporting files 

• To include evidence description in the summative portfolio reports 

• To include forms in the summative portfolio including reports and download files Export 

• Learners will be able to send Summative Portfolio files to their NotACV account 


• The next phase of this large-scale development includes work to display episodes of learning on the learner dashboard. 

Gateway Readiness 

• We are continuing work to enable you to create Gateway Readiness (including checklist) feature in course builder which will display on the Learner Dashboard.