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Smart Assessor Release Notes - 14/05/2019

Our developers have been working very hard and we have some exciting new developments that are now live on Smart Assessor. Please familiarise yourself with these updates.

Live Developments:

Android App Update: Version 4.0.1 Released

We have updated our android app:

Before updating the app via the play store open the app and synchronise any changes you have made whilst the app was offline.

Once Synchronised, update the app via the playstore:

App Developments:

We’ve made it easier to add multiple portfolios

Upload multiple evidence files via the evidence manager

Form Enhancements:


Improved form file upload

We have also completed some minor bug fixes

RAG Rating Client Configuration 

We have completed a development to enable you to change when the RAG Rating flag (on track/off track/ahead) displays against learners.

Current functionality allows for the learner RAG rating to display when learners’ course duration is 25% way through.

The new Master Admin Client configuration setting will allow you to display the RAG rating when course duration is at 0%.

This will affect Learner Dashboard, Assessor Dashboard and on the Learner On/Off Track (Overall Progress) and Learner by Qualification (On/Off Track) Management Dashboard widgets.

Auto Sign Learner Evidence: Client Configuration 

New Master Admin Client configuration setting when switched on will enable Learner to sign evidence declaration and the system will auto sign evidence.

Please refer to the Auto Sign Learner Evidence user guide on the support portal for more details.

Forms Create New Version: 

Accessible via: Master Admin – Forms – Edit Existing Form

If a form has been allocated to learners (Times Used column number has value greater than 0) then a new create new version icon is visible, hover text also included.

Selecting the new version icon will open an exact copy of the form in form designer and V1.1 (incremental) will be added to the form title (you can then rename in form designer as usual if required).

Custom Reports 

The following reports have been updated to include IQA Assigned to Learner and Plan Title fields from the new IQA functionality

Supported Live Developments 

These developments are now available to be switched on for your site, please contact your account manager to request these to be switched on and we will provide support and training on how to use this functionality.


We have an ongoing large-scale development called Episodes, the first phase is a new feature which will allow Master Admins to create Episodes and then assign courses manually or via data importer/bridge tool into an Episode of Learning. Ideal for those learners on an apprenticeship, but you can use it to group any courses assigned to a learner into an Episode of Learning.

Predominately this work has been completed to ensure we provide you with the most accurate off the job calculation.

This work links in with the developments for Contracted Work Hours, Break-in-Learning, the refreshed Time Log Widget and the Time Log summary.

A user guide will be provided when this work is switched on in your site.

Contracted Work Hours: 

New Contracted Work Hours tab, within the learner profile page, allowing fluctuating Contracted Hours to be recorded. Whilst displaying a historical view of previous contracts.

Time Log - Off the Job Summary 

We have updated the Time Log to enable you to select an episode of learning and display the Off the job summary related to only courses applied to the episode.

We have also included episodes in:

Time Log – Learner Excel Export

Time Log data export (Excel)

Management Dashboard Widget: Average Learner Off The Job Training

A user guide will be provided when this work is switched on.

Break in Learning

To be displayed on the Time Log and during this period any activities logged as 'off the job' will not be counted towards the calculation.

A user guide will be provided when this work is switched on.

Refreshed Time Log ‘Off the Job’ Widget 

As demonstrated at our client events, we have completed the Time Log off the job widget on the Learner Dashboard, overview tab. Which will display:

The actual Off the Job percentage achieved to date.

An overall progress bar, showing apprenticeship progress % of only the courses included in the off the job calculation.

We are including a hover on the widget, which will display:

Expected OTJ hours

Actual Completed OTJ Hours

Apprenticeship Progress %

This information will also be reflected in the Time Log Management Dashboard Widgets and the Time log data Excel Export is available to CM, MA & BA roles.

This work is linked with Episodes, if learner courses have been applied to an episode then the Progress will display as Overall Episode Progress %

A user guide will be provided when this work is released.

Learner Course Management 

We have refreshed the learner course tab to make it easier to apply courses, search and sort on course information as well as highlighting which courses are linked to an Episode of Learning.

Edit Learner Course 

We have improved the way course details are edited;

You can now select the course name and view/edit all the course data in a pop-up modal, as well as providing you with prompts when changing course details to easily apply changes to all courses or all courses within an applied episode.

You can apply breaks in learning more easily and view an auditable trail of the changes.

We have added navigation so you can move through courses in edit mode, without having to go back to the grid and selecting another course.

You can now add more general comments regarding changes made to course details in the new comment box

Breaks in Learning can be applied with a historical view of changes made

Further planned developments:

Summative Portfolio 

Ability to rename files in the summative portfolio before downloading reports/exporting files

To include forms in the summative portfolio

To include evidence description in the summative portfolio reports


The next phase of this large-scale development includes work to display episodes of learning on the learner dashboard.

Gateway Readiness

We are continuing work to enable you to create Gateway Readiness (including checklist) feature in course builder which will display on the Learner Dashboard.

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