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Smart Assessor Release Notes - 01/04/2019

Our developers are working very hard and we have some exciting new developments coming soon for Smart Assessor. 

Upcoming Developments 

Password Reset email expiry time increasing 

We are increasing the expiry time of the password reset email link from 24 to 72 hours. 

Break in Learning

To be displayed on the Timelog and during this period any activities logged as 'off the job' will not be counted towards the calculation. 

Recording of Contracted Hours

New Contracted Work Hours tab, within the learner profile page, allowing fluctuating Contracted Hours to be recorded. Whilst displaying a historical view of previous contracts. 

Refreshed Timelog ‘Off the Job’ Widget

As demonstrated at our client events, we will be updating the Timelog off the job widget on the Learner Dashboard, overview tab. We plan to display: 

• The actual Off the Job percentage achieved to date. 

• An overall progress bar, showing apprenticeship progress % of only the courses included in the off the job calculation. 

We are including a hover on the widget, which will display:

• Expected OTJ hours 

• Actual Completed OTJ Hours 

• Apprenticeship Progress % 

Selecting the widget will still navigate you to the timelog as the current one does. 

Client Configuration for RAG Rating Display

Learner Progress can be recorded from day 1 of learning, but currently the RAG rating flag, On Track, Off Track, Ahead, doesn’t display until the learner is 25% through their course duration (blue timeline bar). We are working on a Client Configuration setting, which will allow you to select whether the rag rating displays from 0% course duration or current functionality of 25% course duration. This will be reflected in all dashboards and on the Learner On/Off Track (Overall Progress) and Learner by Qualification (On/Off Track) Management Dashboard widgets.