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Smart VLE release notes 2019

Smart VLE release notes

27th March 2019

Our developers have been working very hard and we have some exciting new developments that are now live on Smart VLE. Please familiarise yourself with these updates. 

Accessibility options

Participants can now choose accessibility options in Smart VLE prior to taking an assessment.

When starting a new assessment, the participant will be taken to an “Accessibility Options” menu where they can personalise the way the assessment looks.

The defaults are:

Font Size: 16px

Font Colour: Black

Background Colour: White


If a participant makes any changes to the default settings, a preview will appear below the options menu to show them how the questions will appear.

Here are a couple of examples:

Font Size: 24px

Font Colour: Black

Background Colour: Lilac


Font Size: 20px

Font Colour: White

Background Colour: Black


This allows the participant to have full control over how the question text appears to them during an assessment.

This is an example of how a hotspot question will appear with a background colour of lilac.


This is an example of how a punctuation question will appear with the same settings. Note that the word that has been selected to be changed by the participant has been highlighted in yellow.


If you are creating questions, it is important to take these changes into consideration.

In the example below a table is used as part of a fill-in-the-blank text type question with a background colour for the header cells. These colours will remain the same, you will, therefore, need to be aware of the colours that are available in the accessibility options to ensure that any colours that you use will be visible.


To accommodate the accessibility options, all questions involving tables in the Initial Assessments and Diagnostics have been altered to use the grey colour shown above in any header cells. (Hex code: #808080.)


When creating a question as an author, the question wizard now has spellcheck enabled.

This is enabled by default. You can turn it of by accessing the tools button on the question text editor.


Any words that are spelt incorrectly will be underlined with a red wavy line.


Right-click on the word to bring up a list of alternative options.

Clear Formatting in Text Editor

If you are copying and pasting questions into the question wizard, you can clear the formatting in the text editor by selecting the “Clear formatting” option from the Format drop-down menu in the question text editor.


Next Steps

For the next release, our developers will be working towards:

· Adding an image as part of the question, rather than as a question resource.

· An email notification to inform you when multiple assessments have been completed.

· Restricting author access to certain courses.

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