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Smart Assessor Release Notes - 18/03/2019

Our developers have been working very hard and we have some exciting new developments that are now live on Smart Assessor. Please familiarise yourself with these updates and refer to the Support Portal for further details and new user guides. 

Safeguarding Contact 

Ability for Master Admins to add Safeguarding contact details, which will display on the learner dashboard: Contact Name has not been included in the development due to a high number of clients not having a single dedicated member of staff as the Safeguarding Officer. They work on a staff rotation basis, meaning if we included name the Master Admins would essentially need to be changing the data on a twice daily basis etc. 


Smart Assessor forms now allows for: Session Planning Notes & Feedback, Actions and Activities to be automatically referenced in an allocated Review form, set on a Formal Review session within a learners’ Learning and Assessment Plan. Located within the Preset Fields list of Learner specific fields in the form designer; Master Administrators now have the following fields available to utilise within Smart Assessor: 

When the review form is opened, Planning notes and feedback for that review session and any outstanding Actions & Activities between the current session and the last previous review/induction with attendance supplied will display. 

Sessions Calendar 

A new calendar for Assessors has been created to further enhance the user experience when administrating session information in Smart Assessor. 

Employer & Assessor Email Configuration 

Work has been completed to allow Master Admins to manage which email notifications initially for: 

• Employer Manager 

• Employer Overview 

• Assessors 

All email notifications as switched on as default. 

Dependant on which role selected determines which notifications are visible to manage for each user. 

We have included a hover, which informs Master Admins which roles receives which email notification. 

If you require this functionality turning on for your Smart Assessor site, please request this via your Client Account Manager or raise a support ticket via the Support Portal. 

Assessor role – Email Configuration 

 Employer Manager/Overview Role Email Configuration: 

Upcoming Developments 

Break in Learning 

To be displayed on the Timelog and during this period any activities logged as 'off the job' will not be counted towards the calculation.

Recording of Contracted Hours 

New Contracted Work Hours tab, within the learner profile page, allowing fluctuating Contracted Hours to be recorded. Whilst displaying a historical view of previous contracts. 

Refreshed Timelog ‘Off the Job’ Widget 

As demonstrated at our client events, we will be updating the Timelog off the job widget on the Learner Dashboard, overview tab. We plan to display: 

• The actual Off the Job percentage achieved to date. 

• An overall progress bar, showing apprenticeship progress % of only the courses included in the off the job calculation. 

We are including a hover on the widget, which will display: 

• Expected OTJ hours 

• Actual Completed OTJ Hours 

• Apprenticeship Progress % Selecting the widget will still navigate you to the timelog as the current one does.