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Smart Assessor Release Notes - Sessions Calendar March 2019

Release Notes Sessions Calendar

March 2019

A new calendar for Assessors has been created to further enhance the user experience when administrating session information in Smart Assessor.

With a full range of filter options users can now review their calendar with a wide variety of filters.

These include the following:

  • Learner Name
  • Courses
  • Employer
  • Learner Group
  • Combinations of Learner Status
  • Session Methods
  • Session Status
  • Session Type
  • Session Participants (Individual or Group Sessions)

Each individual entry on the calendar is interactive where futher information regarding this session can be viewed and if required. Assessors can also navigate to the learning plan using the new Go to Session button.

For group sessions, Assessors can view the modal with further information and by selecting the Go to Session button, and they can be navigate from there straight back to the calendar.

Users can also be directed to the session booking page from the Calendar by accessing the Create new session page.

Smart Sessions and Group Sessions are also easily identifiable with their respective icons present againt each session.

A new legend has also been created so that session attendance can easily be determined based on the assoicated colour of the session visible on the calendar.

Please see the Sessions Calendar user guide for further details on how to use this feature.

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