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Smart Assessor Release Notes - 05/03/2019

Our developers have been working very hard and we have some exciting new developments that are now live on Smart Assessor. Please familiarise yourself with these updates. 

Form external signature: Increased email expiry time 

We have increased the expiry date from 24-72 hours to allow recipients who do not have a Smart Assessor login additional time to select the link and sign the form. 

New Session Types 

We have included 3 new session types for you to set when booking a session. These types will also be available in course planner. 

• Initial Session: 

    o This session type has been added for you to set a session prior to your induction session, this type was requested to allow a session to take place with your learner to evidence first day of learning. 

• Gateway Ready: 

    o This session type will allow you to hold a gateway ready session to identify that the learner has made significant progress towards the knowledge skills and behaviours and is ready to enter the final gateway. 


    o This session type will allow you to provide instructions to the learner regarding their End Point Assessment.

Upcoming Developments 

Safeguarding Contact 

Ability for Master Admins to add Safeguarding contact details, which will display on the learner dashboard: 

Refreshed Timelog ‘Off the Job’ Widget 

As demonstrated at our client events, we will be updating the timelog off the job widget on the Learner Dashboard, overview tab. We plan to display: 

• The actual Off the Job percentage achieved to date. 

• An overall progress bar, showing apprenticeship progress % of only the courses included in the off the job calculation. 

We are including a hover on the widget, which will display: 

• Expected OTJ hours 

• Actual Completed OTJ Hours 

• Apprenticeship Progress % Selecting the widget will still navigate you to the timelog as the current one does. Forms Planning Notes & Feedback visible in Review Forms Actions & Activities visible in Review Forms 


Planning Notes & Feedback visible in Review Forms 

Actions & Activities visible in Review Forms 

Sessions Calendar 

Those who attended the client events, had a sneaky peak demo of the Sessions Calendar. The first release will be Assessor view.