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Smart Assessor Release Notes - 22/02/2019

Attaching Review Files to a Session 

We have completed some work to ensure when a review file is required to be uploaded for review sessions (as per screen shot below). When uploading the file will be auto set to attach to all courses, allowing the session to be marked as attended. 

You can also have the Master Admin client configuration function set to ensure that all courses are selected when an induction or formal review session is booked. 

Example of the file upload area in the learning and assessment plan, when a review file type is selected. All aims is now set as default, ensuring that the review file will be attached to all courses. This will ensure the session can be set to attended. 

Company Page Refresh 

When you select Employer from the grey navigation bar and select a company name. The Company details page will load, you will see we have 

• Refreshed the layout 

• And added Back, Save & Delete buttons at the top of the page, these also still display at the bottom of the page. 

Assessor Dashboard 

We have refreshed the top section of the Assessor Dashboard by: 

• Making it clearer to see how many learners each assessor role has 

• Extending the search and group filter 

• and we made the Go to Legend button more visible 

Forms AutoSave Function 

When a form is open in form designer or the form is being completed in Smart Assessor, we have included an auto save function that will run every 5 minutes. 

When you have fully completed your design or completed filling in the form you will still need to save the form in the usual manner. 

Upcoming Developments 

Sessions Calendar 

Those who attended the client events, had a sneak peak demo of the Sessions Calendar. This is in development and will be available for Assessors, Curriculum Managers, Master Admins and Employers.



Planning Notes & Feedback visible in Review Forms 

Actions & Activities visible in Review Forms

New Session Types:  

We are including 3 new session types for you to set when booking a session.

Initial Session:

This session type has been added for you to set a session prior to your induction session, this has been requested to allow a session to take place with your learner to evidence first day of learning. 

Gateway Ready:

This session type will allow you to hold a gateway ready session to identify that the learner has made significant progress towards the knowledge skills and behaviours and is ready to enter the final gateway. 


This session type will allow you provide instructions to the learner regarding their End Point Assessment.