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Smart Assessor Release Notes 22/01/2019

Smart Assessor - Client Update 

21st January 2019 

We have been working very hard on lots of new developments and enhancements, and we are pleased to inform you these are now Live. Please familiarise yourself with these updates. 

Please click on the Support tab to view further details including screen shots of the developments. 

IQA Refresh: 

A phased roll out of the new IQA functionality is in progress, several clients are now working in the new environment. If you would like to be switched over to the new IQA functionality, please contact your account manager who will support you to do this. 

Live Developments: 

Tests and Exams tab 

• Refreshed grid including search on grid, column ordering 

• New date range search 

• Update to Excel Export 

• When adding new tests or exams, now includes End Point Assessment in achievement type

Missing Company Data Report: 

• Refreshed look, 

• now pulls through all employer data, 

• blank fields highlight missing data, 

• ability to search on the results 

• link to employer page (opens in a new tab) via grid 

• Export to Excel

New client configuration setting: 

Master Admins will be able to select if Formal Review and Induction session courses are all set as mandatory or not. 

When a new session is created if it is an Induction or Formal Review Session and the client config setting is checked, all courses assigned to the learner will be set as included on those sessions. 

If it is not checked when creating formal or induction sessions, the user creating the session will be able to choose which courses are included in Formal Review or Induction sessions. 

If you disable the setting, thus enabling courses to be deselected from a formal review session, this will affect the data that displays in the Overdue Reviews Widget.

Upcoming Developments: 

Our developers are working hard on these developments now: 

• Calendar for Assessors 

• Planning Notes & Feedback visible in Review forms 

• Actions & Activities visible in Review forms 

• Awaiting Signatures report update to include date signature requested and date signed

Kind Regards,

The Smart Assessor Team