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Smart Assessor Release 19/12/2018

Hello Smart Assessor users! 

We have been working very hard on lots of new developments and enhancements and we are pleased to inform you these are now Live. Please familiarise yourself with these updates. 

Released Developments:  

• Learning and Assessment Plan - Session methods visible on the sessions 

• Sessions Page - Smart Session Room Number now displays on the Sessions page 

• Sessions Page – Export Session Data (excel export) now displays a new column called Session Room Number 

• IQA Home Page – KSB Apprenticeship Standards Progress hover 

• IQA Home Page – New Legend 

• Tests and Exams – Industry Standard terminology update 

• Induction and Review session - all courses set as mandatory

• CSV Export Manager

Learning and Assessment Plan two new icons visible:

Sessions Page - Smart Session Room Number now displays:

Export Session Data – Excel Export:

IQA Home Page - Displays KSB Progress Hover – Displays same as learner dashboard:

Now displays Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours progress per module and total progress for signed off criteria (green bar) and mapped criteria (orange bar).

IQA Home Page – New Legend:

Tests and Exams We have updated the drop-down lists to contain industry standard selections for: 

• Achievement 

• Result 

• Level New column visible/data entry field named Achievement Title and the excel export has been updated to contain the Achievement Title column.

Create New Induction and Review session courses set as mandatory: 

Rationale behind the development: 

• Assessors were creating Review and induction sessions and de-selecting certain courses e.g. functional skills from the session. 

• Review forms contain sections to review all the courses in an apprenticeship, the session should reflect the same. 

• The Overdue review widget data was displaying incorrect data, due to courses being deselected from a formal review session. When creating a new Induction or Formal Review Session the courses are now set as mandatory for those sessions, a message will display either [Formal Review] or [Induction] selected, all courses are set as mandatory. Induction and Review session courses set as mandatory:

Enrolment Form CSV Export Manager 

We have released the new forms development, which will allow Master Admins to manage which fields are required to be included in the CSV Export A New CSV Manager button is now visible on enrolment forms in the form designer.

To use the CSV manager ensure that your fields on the form have a field name, this will be the header name displayed in the export. To check or set the field name select the field on the form and the field settings will display.

When you select the CSV Manager button the CSV Export Manager pop up will display. 

• You can use the search to find field names, as you type field names will appear. 

• Select which fields you wish to display in the export via the Include in CSV Export column. You also have a Select All/Deselect All option. 

• You can click on the arrows to choose which order you wish the fields to display in on the export. 

• You can run the export to preview how he field headers will be displayed in your CSV export. 

• Once you are happy with the selections, select Save and click Cancel to close the pop up

When the enrolment form is completed the CSV file will be sent to your FTP area which you can pick up and import into your MIS system. If you don’t have access to an FTP area and would like to use this feature, then please request this by raising a support ticket via the Support Portal.

Kind Regards

The Smart Apprentices Team