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04/12/18 - Development Release Summary


Summary of Developments Released:

Learner  Dashboard - Tracking Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours Progress

· Units Widget

The Learner Dashboard has  been updated to highlight which Apprenticeship Standard Modules are set as  Knowledge, Skills or Behaviours.

The Knowledge, Skills or  Behaviour can be set against the module in Course Builder via edit modules and  in the ‘Module Core Type’ field.

If the Module name does not  contain Knowledge, Skills or Behaviours, we have also picked up the module core  type and it will display in the hover text as the example above.

Client  Configuration – Allow learners to leave session feedback with no attendance  status set 

An earlier update posted on 6th November  detailed that learners can leave feedback only when a session status was set  (e.g. attended, cancelled by Employer, cancelled by Learner etc).

We have now added a new client configuration setting,  which Master Admins can set, allowing learners to leave feedback on sessions  that don’t have an attended status set. 

Please bear in mind if you turn on this setting, it will  allow learners to leave feedback on any session without an attendance status,  which includes future sessions.

Evidence  library Columns

We have reduced the width of the evidence library  unit/module columns as much as possible, this has in turn reduced the amount of  scrolling required and for some courses has removed the scroll bar altogether.

Where courses have lots of units/modules you will still  need to scroll to map the units, as a reminder when you hover over a unit or  module to map to. The hover will display the evidence name and unit.

Upcoming Developments:

· Learner Dashboard  Progress widget - Hover will display breakdown of % Progress for Knowledge, Skills  and Behaviours modules on the green and orange progress bars

· IQA Dashboard will also  display KSB Progress hover as above

· Sessions Page/Export  Update to display Smart Room number

· Session Type/Room  Number will display on Learning and Assessment Plan and Learner Dashboard  widget

· Update to Tests and  Exams tab 

· Enrollment Form CSV  Export Manager – will allow you to manage which fields you require to be  visible in the CSV Export

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